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Discover the Benefits of having all your community’s info in
one place 24/7

Connecting your condo neighborhood or compercial property for easy searching
Connect your community to everyone interested

Your condo, neighborhood or commercial property gets its own dedicated landing page, detailing every bit of info that people usually trouble you for. Searchers will find your community’s page and all its information in a couple of clicks.

Making it easy to showcase your community and surroundings
More than just info: showcase it all

From the pleasures of living there, to the surroundings and amenities nearby, Community Associations now have a valuable opportunity to communicate what makes their community so attractive for buyers, tenants and investors.

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Everyone knows about your Property Management Company

Residents, potential home buyers and tenants in your community can instantly see who the management company is – freeing up your day as searchers are directed to the Property Management Company.

Join now and close the gap between Community Associations,
Property Managers, and interested parties

Everything about your community in one place

  • Pictures/Videos/Maps
  • Contacts & Property Forms
  • Descriptions/Facts/Subdivisions
  • All about the area
  • Purchasing and Leasing Requirements
  • Maintenance fees, Details and Providers
  • Pets Policies
  • Parking and Vehicle Restrictions
  • Amenities & Recreational Facilities
  • Outdoor Space/Exterior Features
easy MGT helps home owner assocations keep all informatino in one place

How can we help you?

Pitch the appeal of your community
Go on, pitch the appeal of your community

Upload enticing photos, full description and essential details. Impactful branding opportunities, all included in your free subscription.

List contact Details
Be accessible

List the contact details of your Community Association and Property Management Company or Administrator. Residents and potential tenants appreciate it when their association is easily available.

Make it easy for people to comply
Make it easy for people to comply

Upgrade to PREMIUM and upload all your community’s unique rules and regulations, and all those required forms for instant downloading.

Share details of the surrounding areas
Share details of the surrounding areas and amenities

Our location map will give you all the main points about your area so that you can make informed decisions.

Make it simple for residents
Make it simple for residents

When people need information about your property, there’s no need to ask you for it. They simply click into Easy-MGT to find it.

Simply upload or link your community
Simply upload or link your community forms

Premium subscribers will cut out repetitive calls and emails by temporarily authorizing searchers to access property’s details and forms.

Streamline Process

A Streamline Process

Eliminate hours of work invested on issues and questions that can be resolved in just one click.

  • - Showcase the appeal of your community.
  • - Provide greater accessibility to information.
  • - Make it easier for people to buy and rent
  • - Detail surrounding areas and amenities.
  • - Simplify processes for residents.
  • - Upload or link Forms & Documents.

Let us bring cost-effective marketing to your community

Christiane CEO of easy MGT helping you with marketing exposure for your real estate properties

We developed Easy-MGT to become the GO-TO website for all related first- hand questions about properties, so you don’t waste your valuable time researching rules and documents.

Not only do we help you reduce endless inquiries about your community’s CC&R’s, bylaws, parking, pet policies and who knows what else that eats up your valuable time. Administratively, our service formula can help you save thousands of dollars a year.

In addition, your community page will be seen by people who are in the market for property – either to buy or rent. Showcase your community with stunning photos and enticing descriptions to wow potential residents your way. Grab their attention with tempting images and sweeten the deal by offering them every detail they need to make an informed decision.

Reap the benefits of a high-profile, highly targeted marketing exposure. View our subscription options and let Easy-MGT be your helping hand, always at work for you.

Christiane Castellon

Founder & CEO

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