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The all-in-one platform that aims to bridge the gap of information between association/property managers and everyone involved in a property transaction

About Easy-MGT

Connecting People
with Places

One-Stop Infomation Hub

Easy-MGT is a real estate information hub with the clear goal of making the purchasing, selling, and renting experience smoother and more efficient for everyone.

We aim to have the largest database of information and documentation of community associations and property management companies in the United States in one easy-to-use platform.

No more time wasted copying and pasting from several real estate advertisement websites! Everything you need to make a decision and complete a real estate transaction can be found here, from the regulations and bylaws of the communities you are considering to the contractors available through your property management company.

We understand how frustrating and time-consuming the real estate experience can be. That is why we decided to offer all the resources needed by buyers, sellers, renters and property managers in one single place.

How Easy-MGT makes property transactions easy
Our Vision
We see a streamlined and efficient real estate industry where easy access to information and documentation facilitates transactions for everyone in the property value chain.
Our Mission
To become the one-stop solution that makes real estate transactions easier and more efficient for property professionals, owners, buyers and renters, by facilitating and streamlining access to property man...
Our Value Proposition
Easy-MGT offers a comprehensive and reliable online platform that gives subscribers quick, easy and affordable access to the property management and association information of tens of thousands of resident...
Our Personality
Everything about Easy-MGT is easy. From finding your way around the website to getting hold of that vital document that will seal the deal, it’s all quick and painless. The staff at Easy-MGT are just as ea...