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The all-in-one platform that aims to bridge the gap of information between association/property managers and everyone involved in a property transaction


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is easy-mgt.com?

Easy-MGT.com is a centralized source of information on Community Associations across the country. It is intended for everyone involved in a property transaction, from the initial search for information, to the final act of downloading the necessary documentation to rent or buy in a community.

This information is completed/uploaded by the same parties that are interested in selling/ renting properties there: Realtors, Property Managers, and Community Associations. This way, the information about communities is as accurate as possible.

I represent a Community Association. What’s in it for me?

Time-saving. Loads of it. Easy-MGT helps rid your workday of all those repetitive calls and emails, requesting the same information about your community, over and over. When you subscribe to Easy-MGT at only $29.99 per month, inquirers can instantly find the essential information that you upload to your dedicated community page. Instead of interrupting you, residents, potential realtors/buyers/renters/lenders/closing agents, and everyone involved in a property transaction can get what they’re looking for in a couple of clicks. What if they don’t find it? You can choose to designate a person from your association to answer specific inquiries from interested users via our communication tool.

High-profile marketing exposure. Millions of interested users seeking to buy/rent see your community with property on their minds.

Once you claim the profile of your community on Easy-MGT, you instantly get all the elements you need to showcase it properly. For only $29,99/month, you can edit its full information, add photos and essential details, choose from a wide selection of design templates, grant access to personnel from your association, use our Sharing Tool to promote your community with your contacts, upload forms and documents through a highly flexible section where all proceeds go to your association, and much more!

Yes, your community gets branded! It’s an excellent opportunity to sell the appeal of living there and to make it easy for potential residents to make informed decisions. Every detail and form that you make available is instantly accessible—high exposure in the right marketing environment.

Advertising Proceeds.But that’s not all. Once we reach 10,000 fully claimed communities and ads start running on the platform, your community will be able to participate in the proceeds derived from ads running on its landing page, as it will have dedicated spaces reserved for advertisers (local businesses and national companies) wanting to be associated with your community. You get part of the proceeds because it’s YOUR landing page. It’s a win for everyone.

I’m a Realtor. What’s in it for me?

Promote your listings! You can choose to link your listings to the community profiles where they actually are, and for only $4,99 per month. This way, when users search for information about communities they are interested in, they get to see your listing! That’s a lot of targeted exposure.

Promote yourself! You can also choose to add a pin with your photo, company logo, and contact info on the area map of the community profiles where you have properties for sale or rent. This way, users seeking information about communities where they want to live, also get to see your name, and all for only $4,99 per month!

Share your listing beyond the platform! You can opt to use our sharing tool to promote your listing outside the platform without linking it to a profile for only $4,99 per month. You only need to upload your contacts and then send them your listing. You get up to 100 per day!

Time-saving.Loads of it too! You can claim and complete all the Community Associations (HOA’s and COA’s) where you have properties for sale/rent and then forget about having to repeat the same information over and over to interested searchers. How much time saved is that? But the benefits don’t end here!

Enjoy all of the above, free for two months with our Early Adopters program. If you indeed subscribe, claim and complete the full profile of a community, you will become an Early Adopter, and as such you will get all the paid benefits, free for 2-months, as well as the credit for completing the profile, with your contact information on the profiles you helped complete

What’s the catch? No catch. As we said before, though, you need to complete all the info about that community (but, of course, it is information that you already have), and you need to do it in less than 48 hours; otherwise, it will not be submitted, and it’ll go back to “unclaimed.” Once the information is complete, we need to approve it. That’s all! If it passes, you get a free 2-month subscription to Easy-MGT.

Also, Advertising Proceeds! We’re working on a compensation plan for realtors who claim and complete communities on Easy-MGT, where they will be eligible to receive a percentage of the profits generated from ads placed on the profiles they helped complete. It’s a win for everyone. Yes, that’s money for your knowledge!

Referring Realtors. If you invite other realtors to join the platform, claim and complete the profiles of community associations, you will also be part of the compensation plan derived from ads placed on those completed profiles.

How many Realtors can claim a community?

Only one realtor can claim a community. Once claimed, no one else can enter info to its landing page.

Easy-MGT will then review all communities entered by realtors. If any information is missing, the realtor in charge will have to complete it (in a determined period) to maintain the accuracy of information distributed and enjoy the benefits.

When that info gets approved by Easy-MGT, the landing page gets sent to its Property Management company, so they take possession of it and further complete the information with the specifics only they have.

I’m a Property Manager. What’s in it for me?

Time-Saving. Loads of it. Easy-MGT helps rid your workday of all those repetitive calls and emails that ask for routine information on properties you manage. When you subscribe to Easy-MGT, inquirers can instantly find the essential information they need. Instead of interrupting you, they get what they’re looking for in a couple of clicks.

Valuable marketing. Your property management company becomes highly visible to millions of people with property on their minds. Every property management company that subscribes to Easy-MGT gets to add their logo and contact info on the landing pages of the communities they manage.

Your company gets its own profile, detailing all the managed communities, your contact information, and more. You are assured of high exposure in a marketing environment where millions of people are looking to find property facts, adequately fast!

You only pay according to the number of communities you manage. We have 4 categories to choose from according to the list of profiles you will be managing on the platform. This way you pay according to the size of your business!

How can I be sure that the information on easy-mgt.com is accurate, up to date and impartial?

The information you see on each subscribed community comes straight from the most hands-on source: a directly involved person (from the community association, a realtor, or a property manager) who uploads it to offer inquirers comprehensive details regarding that particular community.

Our goal is to provide 100% accurate information for our users, and the best way to do this is through the cooperation of those who can benefit most from having a platform like ours: those that work day by day in these communities.

But how does it work?

If a Community is unclaimed, a Property Manager can be the first one to claim it. But If a realtor claims it, they have up to XX hours to fill out the template to the best of their knowledge and submit it to Easy-MGT for approval. If the info is complete, we send it to the Property Manager of that community so they can also claim it and further complete its information.

I’m a business owner or a contractor. What’s in it for me?

Valuable marketing. Your service/company becomes highly visible to millions of people with property on their minds. You get to promote your business exactly where your potential clients live or want to, just by choosing zip codes or cities where your service is available. That’s detailed targeting!

An incredibly helpful and beautifully designed template profile for your business, where you will be able to add all your company’s essential information, services provided, previous jobs, testimonials, and contact information, so clients start calling!

Your company appears listed on our services/contractors page. Once your company profile is complete, we list it on our main page so when users (from the zip codes or zones you have chosen) search for the product you sell or the type of service you provide, your company profile appears.

A Sharing tool to promote your business. With your subscription, you also get to promote your business by sending a flyer of your company to up to 100 contacts a day.

I’m an advertiser. What’s in it for me?

Valuable marketing. You don’t service/company becomes highly visible to millions of people with property on their minds. You get to promote your business exactly where your potential clients live or want to. That’s detailed targeting!

No profile needed. You don’t have to be a contractor or a service on the platform. By registering and completing basic information about your company, you can start your advertising campaign ASAP!

Advertise in all the communities you want! Your ad can appear on as many community association profiles as you want to, and for as long as you want. People searching for information about those communities will definitely see your ads!

Where will my ad appear on the profiles?

You have three levels to choose from.

  • Level 1 ads go on top, occupying the entire width of the profile.
  • Level 2 ads are placed beneath the “About Us” section, in a smaller size.
  • Level 3 ads go above “Community Requirements”.

I already have an ad. Can I use it?

Of course, you can choose to use an existing ad just by uploading it through our ad creator. Just be aware of the approved specs and file extensions.

I don’t have an ad. What should I do?

You can create and design an ad from scratch by using our Ad Creator.